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Elizabeth J. Zemdegs

Elizabeth J. is an entrepreneur and has worked as a TV and radio personality, medically trained practitioner, former model, international motivational speaker and psychotherapist in private practice in Toronto. Although Elizabeth J. was born and raised in the Beaches area of Toronto, her mother’s family hails directly from Ireland with sisters, aunts and uncles still living there. Her mother’s maiden name is Barrett which is a common name on the island of Newfoundland. Elizabeth J. grew up in a Salt Box House but did not find out until after her father died 2 years ago. Elizabeth J. was told by the architect that this was an 18th C style Newfoundland Salt Box House built by a Newfoundland builder a century ago. Now Elizabeth J. knew where her passion came from to start with a red/white Salt Box Cottage. Her father’s house was made of red brick and white trim around the house. Elizabeth J. spent many hours in the dormer window sitting on the radiator playing her clarinet for many hours. She is a published writer, studies as a classical pianist with the Royal Conservatory of Music and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in History/Anthropology and Business. In 2003 Elizabeth J. received the highly acclaimed “Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2003” from Toronto’s Royal Bank. Elizabeth J. now adds Elizabeth J. Cottages to her lists of businesses.

Elizabeth J. is also an avid world traveler acquiring her scuba diving license in Bermuda, playing with the baby sharks in Tobago and obtaining her skydiving license in Northern Ontario. Elizabeth J.’s greatest achievement was raising her son as a single mom and taking him to all parts of the world; showing “my son” that he could achieve anything that he wanted. My son has followed in his mother’s footsteps by continuing his world travels. He did part of his law degree in Hong Kong and along with his wife, acquired his scuba diving and skydiving licenses. My son and Glenn (EJ’s husband) were not surprised when Elizabeth J. told them that she felt an inexplicable draw to the rugged and beautiful terrain of the Bonavista coastline in Newfoundland. From that drawing a need evolved…a need to settle here and be part of the vibrant life of beautiful Bonavista Bay and its warm hospitable people. As a way of contributing both to the economy and the heritage of the community Elizabeth J. closed her lucrative psychotherapist private practice in downtown Toronto and jumped full-time into the launch of her exclusive luxury vacation properties. She created two authentic Replica Newfoundland Cottages with oceanfront views near beautiful Bonavista, Newfoundland.

Elizabeth J. now calls Bonavista Newfoundland home, which she shares with her husband Glenn who she met at sea and married in 1992. Elizabeth J. and Glenn live with their three beloved large rescued dogs Gia, Sebastian and Mollie (Sebastian’s mother). Their son is a litigating lawyer for the Department of Justice in Toronto. His wife Denise now has her PhD as a Food Scientist. They are both avid hikers having hiked in places like Mount Everest in South Africa and Machu Picchu in South America and now love hiking around Bonavista.

Below is a reprint of an article by Danette Dooley entitled “Falling in Love with the Rock”, which appeared in the November 2006 issue of BLUE LINE magazine, Canada’s National Law Enforcement Magazine.

The article offers an excellent overview of how our Luxury Self-Catered Newfoundland Cottages came into being…enjoy!

Falling In Love with the Rock

by Danette Dooley (Blue Line Magazine)

A short vacation trip to Newfoundland three years ago dramatically changed the lives of a 30 year RCMP veteran and his wife.

Elizabeth J. had always wanted to visit Newfoundland “so we came here with no particular destination in mind.” Glenn explains, “We had a car reserved for ourselves and we were just going to drive around the island for a week.”

Before long the Zemdegs found themselves heading towards the historic town of Bonavista – the site of John Cabot’s landing in 1497. “We were only going to stay one night but I ended up extending my holidays by a few more days and we stayed a week,” Glenn says.

Soon smitten with the area, the couple decided that a week wasn’t enough and, before heading back to their home in Toronto, bought a piece of property “on a handshake…”

We bought three small properties. One had an old house that was vacated; and attached to that were two potato gardens, owned by different families,” Glenn says. “We went around the night before we left and found out who owned which, then we shook hands and walked off owing the entire property.”

We were looking around for some place to settle eventually and when we got back to Toronto, the heat was extreme, we had a number of smog alerts and so Elizabeth J. says, ‘Were crazy. We should go live in Newfoundland.‘”They were soon on their way back to Bonavista to find a contractor to build the home Elizabeth J. had designed. On the way, she brought up the subject of building more than one home on their land.

Right out of the blue, Elizabeth J. says ‘You know what – I’m going to build the best cottages in Newfoundland. I’m going to build articulately designed cottages in style with the old houses in Bonavista.‘”

True to her word, she lost no time drawing up heritage style designs for the two cottages, which offer a breathtaking view of the ocean, complete with icebergs, puffins and whales. The business soon became affectionately know in the area as Elizabeth J. Cottages.

Elizabeth J. then turned her attention to the task of furnishing the buildings.

We were planning to move into our finished house by April 2004 and, in that five month period, Elizabeth J. started going out and buying furniture and artwork and Persian rugs – and of course, we had to have a lot of the furniture made here in Newfoundland,” says Glenn.

We have a four-and-a-half star rating and I’m very proud to say that the business has done very well. We’re open all year round and our cottages were fully booked this past two years.”

We Invite You to Visit Us in Newfoundland

Come visit Newfoundland and stay in one of our two luxurious Newfoundland cottages. To book, please Call Us: 1-709-468-5035 or Email Newfoundland Cottages for more information. I look forward to meeting you!

We want to thank Elizabeth J. and Glenn for all the effort and thoughtfulness
they put in creating our best vacation in many years.
Everything from the cottage, that makes you feel right at home the minute you step in,
to breathtaking views of the ocean couldn’t be more relaxing and peaceful.”

Gaithersburg, USA

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